Affiliated Consultants
Environmental Matters Contracting & Consulting, LLC
It was only natural that Ms. Stacey, President/CEO of Environmental Matters Contracting & Consulting, LLC, founded
an organization focused on doing the right thing for the environment.  With an EMBA degree from Florida Atlantic
University in Environmental Management, Ms. Stacey’s love for the environment and keen mind for business, her
theory is based on working with only top-rated professionals who provide unsurpassed customer service.

Ms. Stacey has had several environmental papers published including her Master’s Thesis: Ecotourism; A Tool For
Conservation, which cited at an ecotourism conference in Belize.  Currently she serves on the Board of Directors with
the Friends of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and is the Voting Delegate for the Everglades
Coalition, for which she also served as the former Executive Coordinator.

Some of her environmental experience includes working with the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration as a Technical Scientific Abstract Writer for online document preparation for
Sustained Ecological Research Related to Management of the Florida Keys Seascape/Coral Reef Early Warning
System gray literature for the Coral Literature, Education, and Outreach program.

In her role as an Environmental Specialist, she worked with a leading, highly respected senior Environmental
Biologist to coordinate and conduct environmental field site assessments pertaining to existing soils, vegetation and
wildlife compositions and surveyed the possibility of threatened and endangered species. She created environmental
observation reports, coordinated with clients and local and federal agencies for environmental resource permitting
project meetings and permit applications and conducted quarterly environmental compliance monitoring for clients
and agencies involving wetland, mangrove, and preserve maintenance.

While at Florida Power & Light, she supported the Principal Engineer and Project Manager for Power Systems
Transmission Projects, Siting and Permitting Team.  She had the privilege to participate in the preparation and
selection of a study area and preferred alternative routes for the largest transmission line project in FPL’s history.  Ms.
Stacey assisted in the design of and maintained the customer communication database for FPL’s care center. While
working on the project she conducted quantitative analysis of utility line mapping.  She was nominated by the
president of FPL for Employee of the Month Award for her outstanding customer service.

During her time at Perry Institute For Marine Science she prepared and executed the National Undersea Research
Program operations, which included proposal solicitation and review, Omnibus proposal development, and
annual/semi-annual progress reporting to NOAA and Bahamian government.  She supported the planning and
development of science programs and research initiatives by providing assistance with the development of proposals
and applications, production of technical reports, planning workshops, and supporting activities of program
development. In addition, she prepared and executed Principal Investigators’ research contracts.
Pauline I. Stacey, EMBA
Lisa N. Mulhall, J.D
A graduate of Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Mulhall has extensive experience in the areas of
environmental, land use, municipal, constitutional and administrative law.  Her ten years of legal training and
practice provide her with a strong leadership factor.

Ms. Mulhall's grantwriting experience is extensive.  Fourteen years of municipal grantwriting representation has
resulted in experience with nearly every major state and federal grant program.  She has a portfolio of grant
applications in the arenas of Emergency Management, Parks and Recreation, Police Services, Engineering and
Utilities, Water Utilities and Community Development. Her expertise has led to the receipt of significant amounts of
funding from the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida
Department of Transportation, the  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Justice
COPS office.
Dr. Grimshaw received both his Ph.D. and M.S. in Zoology [Aquatic Ecology] from the University of Oklahoma and
has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Miami.

Dr. Grimshaw has over 40 years of experience in applied water quality research involving the restoration of water
bodies.  In Oklahoma, he has 10 years’ experience with streams and surface water reservoirs under the Federal
Clean Water Act.  

In Florida, his involvement was with  the Kissimmee River, Lake Okeechobee, and the Everglades, where he was the
principal investigator on numerous studies, all of which he has published in major international scientific journals.  
His Everglades work was the first to define the connection between the decline in Everglades water quality and a
biological effect, the decline in its periphyton communities.  As a consequence of this accomplishment, Dr.
Grimshaw was chosen to be the scientific technical advisor for the South Florida Water Management District during
the Everglades litigation.

He has served a Expert Technical Witness and Expert Scientific Advisor to the South Florida Water Management
District, as well as in the following capacities:

  •     Principal Investigator on the Environmental Protection Agency,  Oklahoma
  •     Oklahoma Water Resources Board
  •     Member of the Illinois River Technical Advisory Task Force
  •     Chairman of the Monitoring Program Session of the Fifth Annual Conference and International
        Symposium  on Applied Lake and Watershed Management, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  •     Chairman of the Phytoplankton and Water Quality Session of the International Symposium on
                  Applied Lake and Watershed Management, Austin, Texas
  •     Member of the Belgian Trans-Saharan Zoological Mission
  •     Hydrobiologist for the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium
  •     Consultant to the United States Peace Corps Fish Culture Training Program

Dr. Grimshaw has conducted and published, ecological research concerning the water quality of rainfall, phosphorus
effects on Everglades (wetland) periphyton, ecological effects of exotic, invasive plant species in Lake Okeechobee,
and on the light requirements of several dominant species comprising Lake Okeechobee’s submersed aquatic
vegetation communities.  In addition, he has 24 scientific publications and has presented 18 papers.
Gary E. Exner,
Director of Wildlife &
Wetland Services
Herbert James
Grimshaw, II, Ph.D.
Gloria obtained a Master’s in Business Administration with an Environmental emphasis from Florida Atlantic
University and received a BA in Environmental Studies from Florida International University.  

Ms. Lopez has a thorough knowledge of environmental federal, State of Florida, and municipal regulations and
standards such as Environmental permitting, CIRCLA, All Appropriate Inquiries, Clean Water Act, Everglades
Restoration Plan, OSHA and EPA regulation and standards.  She has performed a variety of tasks that include
environmental phase I audits for Bellsouth, and acted at the State of Florida’s Worker Protection Coordinator for the
Department of Agriculture where she performed outreach and education workshops and programs, which included
presenting to various agricultural stakeholders throughout the state.

She has worked as a civil engineering drafter for several years with several consulting firms in Palm Beach County
and as a Senior Planner for South Florida Water Management.  She coordinated the Cultural Resource Archeological
Study for Taylor Creek STA and Lakeside Ranch.  Ms. Lopez also collaborated on a variety of Comprehensive
Everglades Restoration Projects water resource projects, such as the Feasibility Studies for the Caloosahatchee
River Strazulla Wetlands and the Hillsboro Canal.  

Ms Lopez also served as the Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for Siemens ICN in Boca Raton.  During
her tenure at Siemens she organized the first Earth Day Fair for members of the local community and the Siemens
employees.  She also chaired the safety committee.  As the corporate ergonomic expert, she instructed employees
on ergonomic and safety issues.  

Ms. Lopez was the Environmental Specialist/HazMat Coordinator for the Florida Department of Transportation District
4 Remediation contract where she coordinated multi-million dollar environmental remediation contracts.  These
included asbestos projects, emergency response, and OSHA regulated projects.

Gloria is fluent in English and Spanish and has experience in field research, data collection, and report writing.
A Miami native who has 35 Years of experience as a Manager of Environmental Services in the South Florida area,
Mr. Quincey has a Master of Arts with a Major in Geology and a Bachelor of Science Education with a Major in
Biology from the University of Miami and has years of experience as an educator.  He holds certificates of
specialized training in seven different environmental areas.  Pete is a wildlife expert who worked with Florida Power
& Light for many years conducting Endangered, Threatened, and Protected Species Surveys.
Gloria L. Lopez . EMBA
Director of Industrial
Compliance, Health,  & Safety
Mr. Exner has extensive experience in conducting environmental investigations and environmental engineering
studies required for a variety of roadway projects throughout Central and South Florida.  His expertise has developed
over 30 years of the management of major projects including: Environmental Impact Statements, Transportation
PD&E Studies; Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs); Habitat Conservation Plans for private and public projects.  

His work also included studies for: public parks; multi-use trails, blueways and greenways; and numerous roadway
projects throughout the state.  He was one of the first consultants to be certified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
as a Certified Wetlands Delineator.  He also holds certifications and training expertise for air quality studies, traffic
noise studies, water quality impact evaluations, and wetland evaluations and permitting.  Mr. Exner has worked
extensively with Seminole County on a wide range of projects including Environmental Site Assessments and
Hazardous Materials Studies. Gary Exner  served as the lead scientist for the John Young Parkway Extension (EIS)
Environmental Impact Statement for the FDOT and was the lead scientist for the US Highway 1 EIS, which covered a
38-mile long corridor from Cove Road in Stuart to 17th Street in Vero Beach, Florida.  
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Peter A. Quincey